There are unforgettable trips, with just the fact of closing your eyes and remembering you back to precise moments that fill you with joy. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work on styling for LAMULTICOLOR's most recent campaign, the brand led by María Cecilia Díaz and Maria Andrea Segovia, who besides calling colleagues I am also fortunate to call them friends. The photographs were in charge of Manny Rionda with assistance of Roberto Juárez with whom for three days, we began to carry out the creativity. The location, a spectacular beach of Lake Atitlán, was the perfect setting to portray the pop spirit of LAMULTICOLOR through the image of Manuela del Mar, a super audacious and relaxed girl who knew how to complement each bag with her personality.

The #XocomilPop campaign is already circulating through the different social media channels of the brand, so I invite you to click here to know it.

Nando Yax / @nandoyax /